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Software Development

Your organisation can improve the way it operates and achieve a competitive advantage courtesy of software developer services and web application development. It is most effective however when created to suit the needs of your particular business. Digital Software have a specialist team which deal with software development services in addition to another which deals with web application development.

software developmentYour organisation can improve the way it operates and achieve a competitive advantage courtesy of software developer services and web application development. It is most effective however when created to suit the needs of your particular business. Digital Software have a specialist team which deal with software development services in addition to another which deals with web application development.

We provide you with flexibility as a direct result of our experience of both agile and iterative working practices. In addition, our high quality processes aim to reduce any risk associated with software development services as well as web application development.

The foundation for many business processes is your business software. It holds customer information, can be used throughout vital administrative processes and allows you to communicate with your clients.

Out of date software however does not have the same importance. Huge improvements can be delivered to your overall workflow thanks to a new software solution. This can assist with control, allowing you to access new opportunities.

All businesses are posed with different challenges in their attempts to take advantage of advanced technology. Digital Software have the necessary tools to see you succeed. Be this with optimising cloud software in an attempt to maximise efficiency and communication channels or to develop bespoke software designed to solve a particular issue you are presented with.

Powerful Business tools, tailored to you.

All businesses vary so it goes without saying that 'one size fits all' software solutions rarely act as a dynamic answer to a business's needs, at least that is the view of Dynamic Software. This is part of the reason why we aim to provide you with software that is tailored to suit your particular needs.

Without realising your current software, systems or digital representation could be restricting any potential held in your business. Unbeknown to you this could be limiting the daily progress of your business. At Digital Software we use our expert knowledge to uncover any business potential in order to upgrade staff productivity and business efficiency, in turn creating a more enjoyable customer experience.

Every business has its own way of working and it is therefore vital that the software your company uses compliments the staff and their productivity. When selecting a tailored solution from Digital Software we aim to work closely with you to ensure your selection is adaptable to your particular needs.

Bespoke Software

For over 13 years the employees of Digital Software have developed accounting, pension, office management and stock control software solutions amongst other bespoke projects. This has been the case with all businesses, no matter how big or small with some merging our solutions with Sage accounting software when needed.

Digital Software's bespoke solutions have been integrated into a diverse range of businesses: a rosette manufacturer, an electrical transformer manufacturer, a pump manufacturer, travel agents, a bullion dealer, fine organic chemical manufacturer, carpet warehouse, chemical distributor, pensions provider, farmers cooperative and public utilities plus many many more In some businesses our solutions run in environments similar to Windows when needed can be combined with barcode readers, scanners, card readers, touch screens and the like to help produce an unrivaled but cost efficient solution to your business issues.

Database solutions including Microsoft SQL Server, Informix and MS Access are used to assist development. The requirements and preferences of individual clients dictates the choice of database. We try when possible to carry out all our work on a fixed rate basis as this helps eradicate any discrepancies when the work is complete. Before agreeing payment and starting work on the job a detailed analysis of the project must be carried out before a price can be generated.

Support Services For Mobile Applications & Legacy Systems

At Digital Software we understand that software plays an important role in the successful growth of your business. Because we appreciate this matter, our support team take great pride in being able to support third party systems. If you wish to improve the performance and reduce the cost of running your business then outsourcing to our team may be a logical solution.

Digital Solutions aim to fulfill your individual requirements to the full by working to guaranteed service level agreements. This will help streamline your business processes and help eliminate the risk of business down time.

IT Consultancy Services

Project management:- if your project is struggling to gather pace or you are managing your project using inadequate resources then seek the help of our project managers. Their experience will help ensure each stage of your new software project is on budget and delivered on time as they gain an understanding of your needs.

Business analysis:- if you have an issue which can be eradicated using software or analysed and then solved using the most effective solution then speak to our business analysts. They will help identify your requirements, selecting the most beneficial solutions available to you. If required our analysts can create and carry out a project plan.

Software requirements specification (SRS):- if it is done correctly, writing a quality SRS can save you a lot of time and money, it does however require the skills of a professional. Digital Software's experts can carry out this type of work to make sure you have a detailed and accurate plan of your necessary software requirements.

Technical consultancy:- if you have ideas to implement a brand new system but want an expert's opinion or have plans to expand your business but unsure how your existing software would cope then speak to our team. They will be able to carry out technical analysis and then provide you with feedback, helping you make your decisions.

Proposal and tender services:- has your software project received disappointing bids in the past or are you struggling to find time to write a good enough proposal? If this is the case then get in touch with us. We have worked on a large number of projects and therefore appreciate the need to understand and embrace a new project from day one. Our team can assist with requests, adding all the necessary details to ensure future bids meet your business needs.

Due diligence:- if you are worried that your current software system will be unable to cope with future acquisitions you wish to add then speak to our experts. They will be able to to identify levels of risk and areas of improvement by evaluating processes and applications.

Flexible IT Resourcing

If you lack particular skills and as a result are finding some business tasks challenging then speak to the Digital Software resourcing services. They will encourage you to adopt a proactive attitude when handling changes to your business, highlighting efficiency. Flexible IT resourcing is an adequate alternative to outsourcing, plugging the void left by any skill shortages.

Digital Software strive to provide support at each stage of your project, be this developing a one off skill to complete a particular task or adding flexibility to your already established capabilities.

IT Service Management

IT infrastructure is expanding across a number of organisations and as a direct result it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain a performance picture in relation to systems and business critical applications.

Your service management could be outsourced to digital software by allowing us to monitor, analyse, predict, act and report on your IT operations. Specifically created to run alongside your in- house resource, our efficient onshore IT Service Management solution covers a large range of technology and should ensure your applications and business performance is not negatively affected as a direct result of internal team skills upgrades and enhancements to processes and technology.

Digital Software's attitude towards all application IT service management includes the following services as standard:

  • Outsourced IT Service Management
  • Supplier/vendor management
  • User acceptance testing
  • Release and project schedule management
  • Development, documentation and improvement of internal processes
  • Management of network security
  • First line helpdesk