Frequently Asked Question

Do you charge by the hour for your work?

  • We have taken several projects where we quote a fixed price to allow you to know in advance the cost of the project specs you have defined. However, some clients prefer hourly rates and we have rates starting from £8/ph

How do I reduce cost of development?

  • We have many ways of reducing the total costs. These include passing some of our work from London to offshore locations where costs of development and testing are less. We can use remote meetings to cut down on travel and accommodation costs. We use agile tools to show you proto types of the products to enable to you get fast results!

Can you do the designs as well as the development?

  • If your organisation require us to produce beautiful designs we can make use of professional design artists. If you have a design in mind we can replicate that design.

Do you stick to your timelines?

  • We always stick to the timelines. If specs change then we will re-evaluate the timeline. In all cases you will be informed of regular progress.

What are your payment terms?

  • We take an upfront before work begins and then we will mutually agree on a payment schedule that suits you.